Lemon Essential Oil Salt Soap Bars


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Lemon scented salt bars bring a beautiful sharp citrus scent to an already luxury bar of soap.

Due to its nature within cold process soap it can fade however to help it stick around for longer I will always add clay with this essential oil.

These salt soap bars are luxurious, gently exfoliate, feel great to use and produce a lovely bubbly lather.

This option will be available on request otherwise I will be making them in my usual loaf moulds and the bars will be approximately 110 Grams each.

The Clay used within each batch could differ so the colour of the bars could also differ slightly

When on back order I will place the date made on the product information so your aware of how long it will be before I am able to send out in an order,. Thank you for understanding I will keep this process as smooth as possible and keep you waiting as little as possible.

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Lemon Essential Oil


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