Lavender Essential Oil Salt Soap Bars


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Lavender Essential Oil smells floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous. A lot of people associate it with elderly people, but when its in soap it has a gorgeous subtle scent to it. Why not take the risk for the sake of this beautifully scented salt soap, we are confident you won’t regret it.

These salt soap bars are luxurious, gently exfoliate, feel great to use and produce a lovely bubbly lather.

The process and extra ingredients is the reason the cost is higher than for the normal bars of soap.

These soaps, due to the salt content will not handle being cut in half, however I can pour them into small moulds for smaller soaps. This option will be available on request otherwise I will be making them in my usual loaf moulds and the bars will be approximately 110 Grams each.

The options are as follows, Green, Red Or Pink Clay


Activated Charcoal, with this I can do white and black soaps or just black soap.

If you would like to place an order that goes outside of my normal clays ect I will be using. Please send me a message via the contact page

When on back order I will place the date its due to be cured, on the product information. Please contact me to discuss further details. Thank you for understanding.

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Lavender Essential Oil


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