Anti-Microbial Soap


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Nothing fancy here just good old fashioned bars of soap gently scented with Tea Tree and lavender essential oils. With no colours or other options, this soap this is a great soap for general hand cleansing.  Also it is a great soap for Chefs and Gardeners. Hand made by myself using only the finest ingredients including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil. It is made using the cold process making. It therefore contains no chemicals in the finished product, and vegan friendly.

Here at Handmade By Chris, we have developed our own packaging specially for these soaps out of (where possible) recycled card. Also wherever possible, we have used recycled, and recyclable products in order to bring you the most Eco-Friendly product possible.

While this soap is in use, it should always be kept on a well ventilated soap dish. Allowing it to dry between uses, this will allow it to last as long as possible. When you receive your soap, you will also receive a ‘How To Care For Me’ information card to try help you get the best out of your newly purchased soap.

Due to this being a hand made product and different brands, batches and grades of oils the natural colour of the soap might vary depending on the batch you receive, this is a completely normal attribute. The weight may also be slightly off the stated weight, however this will always be over the weight and not under it.

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110g full bar, 50g half bar


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