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A quick update.

So I have sent my soaps in to be assessed, and in the mean time I have been thinking of designs and colour combinations with different methods I can use for the swirly soaps. I have started to get prepared to upscale my production by purchasing new moulds so i am able to make more at the same time. I have purchased a multi bar soap cutter so things are more simple and precise which will ultimately mean a better quality products to my customers. One of the moulds i have bought is in preparation for making free samples to get my products out there and to my target customers to try make a stir in the local community by bringing natural products to those who want the best possible quality end products. Once iv done with giving free samples i will be using these same moulds to sell online and hopefully else where as part of a guest soap range I will be releasing. I have made some batches that providing the formula doesn’t need to change can be sold once all the legal paperwork has been returned too me, if it needs tweaking I will be using these soaps as photos for the website to show potentially what the bars will look like!

I have made all the variants for the salt bar assessment I recently purchased, so I have Pink Grapefruit, Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary, and unscented

I have got my new bee colony up and running now it is on the land I use and will be doing another inspection and then I will be preparing them for winter and then its a case of hope for the best. They have got a great source of food with all the Himalayan balsam along the side of the canal which should put them in a good place to survive the winter. As a nuc is smaller I have left them in that going on the theory that it will provide them with more warmth and will be easier for them to keep warm as theres less open spaces!

I will be using this blog for various reasons, one of them will be to post photos that i take while out and about of nature ect, as I do a milk round in a very rural area i come across a lot of wildlife and some absolutely stunning sun rises as well! Two things that a lot of people wont get to experience purely because of the hours I work most people are asleep. They wont all be recent photos but I will be posting photos that make me smile and remind me of good memories as well. I will be trying to update this blog at least once a week even if it is just with a memory I hold close to me, and is unrelated to the site or what I am selling, via it.

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Getting Organised And Getting Stuff Done.

After a tough day on the milk rounds, Saturday AM and having bank holiday off I’v been trying to make the most of my two nights off in a row, as it wont be happening very often. So, today I set about, sorting out my crafting room tonight I have made some great progress with the website, for about a week now I’v been banging my head against the wall while trying to put menus up, that didn’t link to the blog I started last week. Thanks to Tyson and his soothing snoring noises, while passed out next to me I’v figured out why, and what I was doing wrong. Who knew a lazy cat curled next to me on the bed, could inspire such a breakthrough. Also thank you very much to Dayle @ NW Designs for telling me how to do the thing I was stuck on, but somehow, it still felt like a mission to actually understand what he was trying to tell me. He has been nothing but amazing helping me through this journey of building this website.

Kind of unrelated but tomorrow I will be going to my beehive in the nearby village, I have no bees in there as they died over winter, however iv had a very very kind offer of a nuc of bees and in return I will be donating some soaps for him to sell and put towards his just giving page fund raising cause. I will post a link once I find my phone so people have the chance to see the cause and if they want to they can also help him reach his goal! So I will once again soon enough have my own bees again. Something I am over the moon with! I will once iv sorted out the hive and the soap be making some little videos of my soap making but I will include a hopefully weekly blog of my beekeeping activities, for those that are interested I will look into sending this off as a weekly newsletter with photos. You might even be treated to photos of the Tyson and Bruno AKA The Terror Twins. But I promise the Bees will be the main topic 🙂

So as far as soap news goes, I am still working on getting my assessments put through, but I’m aiming to have that sorted by the end of this week! Which now that I’v sussed the website a bit better it should be easier to concentrate on sorting out the assessments. So I am planning on getting 16 different scents of the liquid soaps, these will be a mixture of both essential oil blends and then there will be a selection of ones made with fragrance oils too. The ones containing Essential Oils wont be dyed as I want to keep them as natural as possible. The salt soap bar assessment is now with me printed off and i just need to put the finishing touches on the labels and then place them on the EU portal to finally make them completely legal, they are currently on my curing selves. Along with the liquid soap assessments I will also be sending off 8 different scents for my own recipe soap bars, there will be 16 of these in total but 8 will be coloured with fun bright colours, and 8 will be as natural as possible while containing the same Essential Oils and Blends as the bright and fun 8, so this selection wont be dyed in any kind of way the only variety of colour you will see will be from the grade of olive oil i decide to use at time of making that particular batch! It will also made to include, raw honey from my own hive or other local raw honey should I run out of my own, and local cows milk from D&E Monks farm Based in Parbold, West Lancashire.

I have some stock of melts in little sample bags which have 4 little heart melts in, Deli Pots, I have some but quite limited clamshells too. however once all my soap assessment is out of the way I will be making and testing my candles in tins but I do have some stock of votive Candles

I would really like to mention Dayle for making this amazing little logo for me, he’s been such a great help and inspiration, ever since I started soaping and has been a great place to unload my soaps candle and melts for testing. If you are needing a website developed then please give me an email and I can pass you his details onto you.
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Welcome to my website

Hello, and welcome to my website and thank you for visiting my new website.

Unfortunately, there are still some little things that need doing to fully finish the website. so if you want to order something please message me first as some things that say in stock, aren’t actually made of assessed as yet. However over the next few days I will be amending this and only things that are in made will be shown as in stock.

To give people a little bit of an idea what is to come and what is currently available. The candles, normal soap bars and the liquid soaps all aren’t available as yet. However, the salt soap bars will be available to order but they will need to cure. Also I am currently waiting for the paperwork to be returned to me. Which should hopefully be by early next week W/B the 24th of August. I will be making the rest of the scents, in the salt bars today and tomorrow so they should all be on my curing shelves by Sunday, at which point they need to be left to cure for at least 2-3 weeks so the paperwork will all be in order by that point.

I am currently working on getting the normal bars, and liquid soap information sent off to my assessor and I am looking at adding local fresh milk and honey from my own hive into these bars as an option. You will be given the choice between having the milk and honey in the bars or not, so I will still be able to offer a vegan option, I am also hoping to be able to bring 4 different options of scented bath salts, and plan to extend that range over time.